Fから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

FA Cup   FAカップ

✍️イングランドのカップ戦の名称で、FA は 世界最古のサッカー協会 The Football Association の頭文字を取ったもの。世界で最も歴史があるサッカーの大会である。

face   ~と対戦する, 顔

Champions League last-16 draw: Chelsea face Barcelona. Thoughts?

face mask   フェイスマスク
/feɪs mɑːsk/

Fernando Torres was wearing a face mask because he broke his nose last week.

fair play   フェアプレー
/feə(r) pleɪ/

Japan are awarded the FIFA Fair Play Trophy.

false 9   偽の9番
/fɔːls naɪn/

Leo Messi played as false 9 at the Bernabeu and beat Real Madrid 6-2 on this day 11 years ago.

fan   ファン

Darmian basically told United fans to stop comparing Rashford to Mbappe.

far post   ファーポスト, 遠いほうのポスト
/fɑː(r) pəʊst/

De Bruyne arrows a power strike into the far post after a great run from Lukaku!

fast   速い

I have played against some very good players in my career, but no one as fast as Adama Traore.

fatigue fracture   疲労骨折
/fəˈtiːɡ ˈfræktʃə(r)/

He has suffered a fatigue fracture on his left foot and will miss the rest of the season.

favourite   お気に入り, 有力候補

Manchester City are the big favourite and all the other good clubs try to beat them.

feel something wrong   違和感を感じる
/fiːl ˈsʌmθɪŋ rɒŋ/

I’m feeling something wrong with my hamstring.

feint   フェイント, フェイントをかける

Body feint is absolutely effective with high agility players such as Hazard or Modric.

field   フィールド, ピッチ

Gerrard got a straight red after being on the field for 45 seconds in a game against Manchester United.

fifty-fifty   五分五分の, どっちもどっちの
/ˌfɪfti ˈfɪfti/

Surprisingly, commentator John Allen pointed out it was a fifty-fifty challenge.

fight   (~と)戦う

We never give up! We fight till the end! Let’s go!

fighter   (ピッチ上で)戦う選手

Who is the best “fighter” in La Liga?

final   決勝

Andres Iniesta broke Chelsea hearts in the 93rd minute to send Barcelona to the Champions League final in 2009.

finals   (W杯などの)本戦

Which would you prefer in the World Cup finals, 32 teams or 48 teams?

final minutes   試合の終盤
/ˈfaɪnl ˈmɪnɪts/

Sheffield United finally scored an equaliser in the final minutes of their first home game of the season.

final third   ファイナルサード
/ˈfaɪnl θɜːd/

I don’t think we deserved to lose the game. However, it’s true that we didn’t show enough quality in the final third to make the breakthrough.

Financial Fair Play   ファイナンシャルフェアプレー
/faɪˈnænʃl feə(r) pleɪ/

✍️ UEFAに加盟するクラブにおいて、移籍金や入場料、放映権料、大会賞金、スポンサー収入などのサッカー関連事業による収益が移籍金や人件費を上回っていなければならないという規則のこと。簡単に言うと、オーナーの莫大な資産を利用して選手の獲得ができないというシステムである。

find the back of the net   ゴールネットを揺らす
/faɪnd ðə bæk əv ðə net/

Alessandro Del Piero knew how to find the back of the net from a set piece!

fire   (シュート)を打つ, 〜を解雇する

A classic goal from Antoine Griezmann! He cuts inside and fires a brilliant shot into the corner.

first half   前半
/fɜːst hɑːf/

Crystal Palace secured their first win of 2020 thanks to Patrick van Aanholt’s beautiful first half free-kick.

first touch   ファーストタッチ
/fɜːst tʌtʃ/

In 1995, football’s greatest first touch of all time was executed by Denis Bergkamp!

firecracker   (弾けるような)シュート

Equalizer for Frankfurt! Marco Fabian with a firecracker!

fit   良いコンディションである

Cristiano Ronaldo’s body is match fit throughout the year.

fitness   調子, コンディション

Neymar recently trains harder and has limited his nights out in order to reach his maximum fitness level.

fixture   試合日程

FIXTURE UPDATE: Our game against Juventus has been postponed and a new date is to be confirmed in a week.


GOAL DISALLOWED! Marco Reus finds the back of the net, but his celebration is cut short due the offside flag.

flashy   派手な

The commentator criticised the goalkeeper for making a save look flashy.

flat   空気の抜けた, 平らな

Oh, this ball is flat. Does anyone have a pump?

flexible   体の柔らかい, 柔軟な

Doing yoga regularly helps keep your body flexible to play a better game.

flick   フリック(する), (ボール)を軽く打つ

Thas flick from Firmino to Salah was absolute perfection!

flip-flap   エラシコ
/flɪp flæp/

✍️イタリア語を使用して elástico と呼ばれることもある。元日本代表のセルジオ越後によって発明されたと言われている技。ブラジル代表のロナウジーニョがよく使用することで認知度が上がった。

flowing football   流れるようなサッカー
/fləʊ ˈfʊtbɔːl/

All I want to do is enjoy watching free flowing, attacking football every other week at Stamford Bridge.

follow through   フォロースルー, 蹴った後の足の振り
/ˈfɒləʊ θruː/

I checked Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick technique, including his setup, run-up, body shape, strike, and follow-through.


複数形は feet

football   フットボール, サッカー


footballer   サッカー選手

I’ve always wanted to be a professional footballer.

footwork   足さばき, フットワーク

In 2015, Lionel Messi broke Jerome Boateng’s ankles with some fascinating footwork.

force   力, ~を強制する

Defenders should restrict space and force attackers to play sideways or backwards.

forehead   おでこ

Pavard gets the cross in and Giroud’s beautiful forehead breaks the deadlock!

former   前任の

The former Liverpool skipper says Steven Gerrard has been England’s best player over last 10 years.

fortunate   幸運な

Suarez gets a fortunate rebound after a surge into the box and finishes to take the lead!

foul on A   Aに対するファウル
/faʊl ɒn/

First yellow of the evening goes to Fernando Torres for a foul on Neymar.

foul throw   ファウルスロー
/faʊl θrəʊ/

Since when is that not a foul throw!?

fourth official   第4審判
/fɔːθ əˈfɪʃl/

Now, the fourth official has signalled four minutes of injury time.

fracture   ひび

BREAKING: Neymar has decided to undergo surgery on the fracture to his ankle.

frame   ゴールの枠

Fred has a go from distance, but the shot goes over the frame

free kick   フリーキック
/friː kɪk/

I went into a panic every time Juninho set up a free-kick!

freeze spray   冷却スプレー
/friːz spreɪ/

Freeze spray is a type of aerosol spray product containing a liquified gas used for rapidly cooling surfaces.

fresh   生き生きとした

Paulo Dybala is looking fresh and ready for the new season.

friendly match   フレンドリーマッチ
/ˈfrendli mætʃ/

Real Madrid were humiliated by their local rivals Atletico Madrid at the MetLife Stadium in a friendly match.

fringe player   サイドプレーヤー
/frɪndʒ ˈpleɪə(r)/

Cristiano Ronaldo was a fringe player when he won FIfA best player at 20, right?

from behind   後ろから
/frəm bɪˈhaɪnd/

Tackles from behind which endanger the safety of an opponent should be sanctioned as serious foul play?

from close range   近い距離から
/frəm kləʊz reɪndʒ/

Great play from Modric sparks a Madrid attack, but Jovic blazes over from close range!

from distance   距離のあるところから
/frəm ˈdɪstəns/

Granit Xhaka with a shot from distance which somehow beats David de Gea. What a big mistake from the Man United goalkeeper.