Lから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

La Liga   ラ・リーガ(スペインリーグ)

Some say that the Spanish La Liga is the best league in the world.

lace   ひも

Kalidou Koulibaly’s boot lace was loosened, so the referee kindly stopped the game.

lack of precision   正確さの欠如
/læk əv prɪˈsɪʒn/

Lack of precision in the final third, that was the reason that we couldn’t get 3 points today.

lad   仲間, やつ

I’ve promised the lads that if I score my first professional goal, I’ll change my hair style.

land   着地する

The goalkeeper gets treatment for a shoulder injury. He dived and seemed to land awkwardly.

last 4   ベスト4
/lɑːst fɔː(r)/

It was down to the semi finals, the last 4!

last X minute(s)   ラストX分
/lɑːst X ˈmɪnɪt(s)/

The last 2 minutes would decide the fate of the Leicester City this season.

last-ditch defending   最終局面での守備
/ˌlɑːst ˈdɪtʃ dɪˈfend/

The last-ditch defending from Newcastle United was so desperate!

last play   ラストプレー
/lɑːst pleɪ/

Would you believe it!? Norwich City score an equaliser in the last play of the game!

last season   昨シーズン
/lɑːst ˈsiːzn/

Last season, there were some cool games from Napoli against big clubs.

last minute   終了間際の
/lɑːst ˈmɪnɪt/

The last minute goal changed the fate of the Sheffield United.

late tackle   遅れて入るタックル, レイトタックル
/lɑːst ˈtækl/

Chris Smalling is off after picking up a second yellow card for a late tackle on James Milner.

laws of the game   試合規則
/lɔːz əv ðə ɡeɪm/

The laws of the game are decided by the International Football Association Board.

lay-off   落とし
/ˈleɪ ɒf/

It’s a neat lay-off pass from Jesus. Now De Bruyne is leading the attack.

lay off the ball   ボールを軽くおとす, 流す
/ˈleɪ ðə bɔːl ɒf/

João Félix created some space with his arm and laid off the ball.

leadership   リーダーシップ, 指導力

Leadership is an important quality for a manager. And that’s what Jürgen Klopp has.

leading player   (チームを)引っ張る選手
/ˈliːdɪŋ ˈpleɪə(r)/

The two leading players have scored every goal for Hamburger SV this season so far.

league   リーグ

The Bundesliga, the German football league, is very reputable and prestigious.

leap   跳躍, 跳ぶ

Look at his leap! The timing was perfect!

leave A behind   Aを置き去りにする
/liːv A bɪˈhaɪnd/

Adama Traore was so fast! He left the opponent behind with the ball many times!

leave A motionless   Aを動けなくする, Aを無力化する
/liːv A ˈməʊʃnləs/

Absolutely amazing! The curling shot left Ederson motionless!

leave everything on the pitch   ピッチですべてを出し切る
/liːv ˈevriθɪŋ ɒn ðə pɪtʃ/

This is the last game, lads! Leave everything on the pitch!

leave the club   チームを去る
/liːv ðə klʌb/

In 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madris and moved to Juventus.

lefty   左利き(の)

The manager said his team has been looking for a lefty winger.

legend   伝説, 伝説的人物

FC Barcelona legend Leo Messi has 27 goals in 30 UCL round of 16 games.

legendary   伝説の

Whatever you think, Arsene Wenger will always be remembered as a legendary manager.

length   長さ

The length of a pitch must be from 100 to 130 yards.

level   レベル

Ronaldinho was on another level in that game!

ligament   靭帯

Georginio Wijnaldum tore a ligament and had to be sent to the hospital.

light   照明

The Allianz Arena’s pre-match light show is incredible. What a stadium.

like a hot knife through butter   バターを切る熱したナイフのように
/laɪk ə hɒt naɪf θruː ˈbʌtə(r)/

Luka Modric dribbled through the defense like a hot knife through butter.

line-up   スタメン, ラインナップ
/ˈlaɪn ʌp/

The FACupFinal lineups are in! No Willian and Kante for Chelsea.

link with A   Aとの連携(をする)
/lɪŋk wɪð/

The left winger had to link with the striker to get the goal.

lively   生き生きとした

Man United looked lively towards the end of the half, but couldn’t find the opener.

loan   ローン, 〜に⋯を貸す

Real Madrid’s Takefusa Kubo moving to Villareal on 1-year loan.

lob   高くゆるいボール(を送る)

A lob shot from Miralem Pjanic and a smooth arc into the goal!

long feed   ロングフィード
/lɒŋ fiːd/

The goalkeeper delivered a pinpoint long feed to the player on the other side.

long range shot   長い距離のシュート
/lɒŋ reɪndʒ ʃɒt/

To everyone’s surprise, the long range shot actually went in.

long throw   ロングスロー
/lɒŋ θrəʊ/

Who can forget Rory Delap’s long throw-ins? Those were terrifying more than anything!

long-ball game   ロングボール中心の試合
/lɒŋ bɔːl ɡeɪm/

Burnley appear to love the long ball game these days. When did that happen?

long-term   長期的な
/ˌlɒŋ ˈtɜːm/

Juventus want to bring in Haaland in summer 2021 as a long-term successor to Ronaldo.

look around   周りを見る
/lʊk əˈraʊnd/

Paul Pogba frequently looked around to recognise defenders’ position.

look for A   Aを探す
/lʊk fə(r)/

Don’t look for your teammate in the box. Just hit it.

looping header   フワッとしたヘディング
/ˈluːpɪŋ ˈhedə(r)/

Wasn’t that looping header from Fernandinho impressive?

loopy   フワッとした

A loopy header from Van Persie for the Netherlands puts Holland ahead of Spain!

Los Blancos   ロス・ブランコス, 白い巨人達

Real Madrid are known as Los Blancos.

lose   敗北, 〜に負ける

Zinedine Zidane has lost his first ever Champions League knockout match as a manager in 2020.

lose control   コントロールを失う
/luːz kənˈtrəʊl/

It seemed that Barcelona had lost control of the game after the second goal.

lose one’s balance   バランスを失う
/luːz wʌnz ˈbæləns/

Mauro Icardi got tripped up here and lost his balance. Surely, penalty will be given.

lose one’s temper   平静を失う
/luːz wʌnz ˈtempə(r)/

Jorginho lost his temper when he received a red card.

lose the ball   ボールを失う
/luːz ðə bɔːl/

Losing the ball in defensive area would be costly. So, play safe.

lose the dressing room   (監督が選手からの)信頼を失う
/luːz ðə ˈdresɪŋ ruːm/

If the team loses this match, it is inevitable for the manager to lose the dressing room.

lose the possession   ポゼッションを失う
/luːz ðə pəˈzeʃn/

It’s important not to lose the possession in build-up to create more chances.

lovely   素晴らしい, 見事な

Oh what a lovely touch from Shinji Kagawa! And he scores!

low   低い

We need to keep the ball low, on the ground. Don’t just go big.

low drive   低くて強いシュート
/ləʊ ʃɒt/

Safe hands! Hugo Lloris was at full stretch to keep Pogba’s low drive out!

lower body   下半身
/ˈləʊə(r) ˈbɒdi/

Eden Hazard’s lower body strength has always been off the chart.

lucky   幸運な

Manchester United are 1-0 up thanks to a lucky deflection.