Vから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

vanishing spray   バニシングスプレー
/ˈvænɪʃ spreɪ/

Vanishing spray allows referees to mark where players may stand during free kicks.

VAR   ビデオアシスタントレフェリー
/viː ə ɑːr/

The Video Assistant Referee system has been introduced to reach more correct decisions.

VAR review   VARによる再検討
/viː ə ɑːr rɪˈvjuː/

There’s a possible handball and VAR review is now on progress.

variation   変動, バリエーション

Sheffield United have a couple variations in their set-up.

venue   開催地

The Arsenal Community will hold charity events at 20 different venues in London.

vice captain   副キャプテン
/vaɪs ˈkæptɪn/

Our vice captain Marcelo leads the team tonight as Ramos is out for injury.

victory   勝利

I still remember that it was a glorious victory for us.

violent   暴力的な

The Manchester United forward was shown a red card for violent conduct.

vision   視野

His vision is probably the best I have ever seen!

visitor(s)   来訪者, アウェイチーム

The visitors take the lead as Robin finds the back of the net.

volley   ボレー

Did you see Modric’s volley last night? That was really incredible!

Vuvuzela   ブブゼラ