Mから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

magic man   フリーマン
/ˈmædʒɪk mæn/

Who’s gonna be a magic man next?

make space   スペースを作る
/meɪk speɪs/

Here, Suarez made space for Messi. This decoy run is important.

make a block   ブロックを形成する
/meɪk ə blɒk/

Manchester United are making a block and aiming for counterattack.

make a debut   デビューする
/meɪk ə ˈdeɪbjuː/

Kai Havertz made a Bundesliga debut against Werder Bremen.

make a save   セーブをする
/meɪk ə seɪv/

Neuer makes a save yet again! He’s phenomenal tonight!

make contact   接触する
/meɪk ˈkɒntækt/

I don’t think it was a foul. He didn’t make any contact on Dybala.

make no mistake from the spot   PKをきっちり沈める
/meɪk nəʊ mɪˈsteɪk frəm ðə spɒt/

Sergio Ramos makes no mistake from the spot! Read Madrid takes the lead!

Man of the Match   マンオブザマッチ, 当該試合の最優秀選手
/mæn əv ðə mætʃ/

Messi has been named Man of the Match against Napoli.

man-marking   マンマーク
/mæn ˈmɑːkɪŋ/

Park Ji-sung performed an iconic man-marking job on Andrea Pirlo for 90 minutes.

manage to do   なんとか〜する
/manage tə duː/

So close! Keylor Navas managed to get a fingertip on the shot!

manager   監督

Who is the best manager in the world now?

Manita   マニータ

Gerard Piqué was doing the iconic manita celebration with his hand.

mark   〜をマークする, マーク

Aguero was the toughest player I have ever marked.

marker   マーカー

You can use the space markers and cones to make a mini field.

Marseille roulette   マルセイユ・ルーレット

Zidane performed a lovely Marseille roulette in the match against Real Madrid.

mascot   マスコット

Gunnersaurus is a mascot loved by many children.

massive win   大きな勝利
/ˈmæsɪv wɪn/

Club Brugge had a massive win, scoring 3 goals in each half.

master   〜を習得する

It’s very hard to master sliding tackle. Timing is the most important factor.

match   試合

I would like to ask you one last favor. Just enjoy the match. That’s all.

matchday   試合日
/match deɪ/

It’ matchday! Come on, boys!

matchup   対戦, マッチアップ

Van Dijk vs Ronaldo will be a great matchup! Can’t wait to see it!

medical staff   医療スタッフ, メディカルチーム
/ˈmedɪkl stɑːf/

The medical staff ran onto the field to give a treatment to Lautaro Martínez.

mentality   精神性, 考え方, メンタリティー

Keisuke Honda is a great leader for us. His touches, his mentality… it’s unbelievable.

mess up   〜を台無しにする, しくじる
/mes ʌp/

I’m the one who messed up a game. I’m sorry for my teammates.

middle   真ん中

Miralem Pjanic was dominating the middle of the field.

middle third   ミドルサード
/ˈmɪdl θɜːd/

Toni Kroos had won possession in the middle third more times than any other player.

midweek match   週の中頃の試合
/ˌmɪdˈwiːk mætʃ/

The midweek match would be played on Wednesday.


Lionel Messi only needed 15 minutes in his first ever World Cup game to get both his first goal and assist.

misconduct   誤った行為

I think the player must have been punished for his misconduct.

mishit   打ち損ねる

GOAL! Mane mishit the ball but it somehow went into the net!

miss the next match   次戦を欠場する
/mɪs ðə nekst mætʃ/

Ramos, Casemiro and Carvajal will miss the next match against Sevilla due to suspensions.

miss the shot   シュートを失敗する
/mɪs ðə shot/

Surpringly, Jovic missed the shot from close range.

miss the target   枠を外す
/mɪs ðə ˈtɑːɡɪt/

Oh! How did he miss the target from there!

mission impossible   不可能な任務
/ˈmɪʃn ɪmˈpɒsəbl/

Mission impossible! Liverpool perform the unthinkable, overturning a 3-0 deficit!

mistake   ミス, 〜を取り違える

One mistake was all it took for Manchester City to lose the game.

mistimed tackle   タイミングを誤ったタックル
/ˌmɪsˈtaɪm ˈtækl/

Sergio Ramos performed a mistimed tackle and eventually got a red card for that.

moment   瞬間

The moment Messi beat Boateng won’t be forgotten.

motion   動作, モーション

“To see Zidane in action was to witness poetry in motion” – Paul Scholes.

move around   動き回る
/muːv əˈraʊnd/

He is the only player who is allowed to move around everywhere on the picth.

move to A   Aへ移籍する
/move to əˈnʌðə(r) klʌb/

Lewandowski decided to move to Bayern Munich from Borussia Dortmund.

movement   動き

Inzaghi was an elite striker for his movement and finishing skill.

muscle   筋肉

Especially, after the training, protein is essential for muscle growth and repair.

muscular   筋肉のがっしりした

Cristiano Ronaldo’s muscular mass is 50%, whereas 46% is average with pros.