Bから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

back   後ろ, 背中

Watch out the man behind your back!

back and forth   前へ後ろへ
/bæk ənd fɔːθ/

The left back was moving back and forth several times.

back heel   ヒールキック
/bæk hiːl/

GOAL! Suarez celebrates his 100th Barca game with a cheeky back heel.

back pass   バックパス
/bæk pɑːs/

Vardy couldn’t beat Leno even when a poor back pass gave him a chance.

back post   奥側のポスト
/bæk pəʊst/

Messi sends a curling free-kick to the back post and Pique sends a header wide.

back to the keeper   キーパーまで(下げる)
/bæk tə ðə ˈkiːpə(r)/

Passing the ball back to the keeper was the only thing he could do in that situation.

back-to-back   連続の
/bæk tə bæk/

Jose won back-to-back titles at Chelsea although he had to compete with Sir Alex’s United and Wenger’s Arsenal.

backlash   非難, 反発

Jamie says there will be a backlash from Man City after their Champions League defeat to Liverpool.

bad call   誤審
/bæd kɔːl/

Was that really a red card? Or bad call by the referee?

ball hog   ボールを持ちすぎる選手
/bɔːl hɒɡ/

Our team decided to abandon the match due to missing players.

ban   出場禁止, ~を禁止する

Neil Lennon got a 3 match ban for criticising referees.

bar   ゴールのバー, 基準

Watford players are doing cross bar challenge after their team practice.

battle   バトル, 競り合い

Who wins this battle, Iniesta and Xavi or Zidane and Makélelé?

be booked   警告を受ける
/bi bʊkt/

After kicking the ball away, Sanchez Watt was booked by the referee.

be good at A   Aが得意である

/bi ɡʊd ət/

The manager said James Tarkowski is a player who is good at covering space.

be in charge of A   Aを担当している
/bi ɪn tʃɑːdʒ əv/

This is the result of Jose Mourinho’s first home game in charge of Tottenham.

be in control   支配した状態にある
/bi ɪn kənˈtrəʊl/

So far, Barcelona are in control against Borussia Dortmund and Napoli are edging out defending champions Liverpool.

be in a good spot   良いポジションにいる
/bi ɪn ə ɡʊd spɒt/

Hazard was trying to move forward, but the defender was in a good spot.

be involved in A   Aに関与している
/bi ɪnˈvɒlvd ɪn/

All 11 players were involved in the glorious tiki taka goal.

be kicked out   追い出される
/bi kɪkt aʊt/

I felt I was kicked out by Juventus when they signed Ronaldo.

be on a different level   違うレベルにいる
/bi ɒn ə ˈdɪfrənt ˈlevl/

For me, Messi has always been on a different level to anyone else.

be on the scoresheet   得点を記録している
/bi ɒn ðə ˈskɔː ʃiːt/

Five different names were on the scoresheet in a 5-0 victory over Norwich City.

be on a yellow   イエローをすでに受けている
/bi ɒn ə ˈjeləʊ/

Don’t be so reckless! You are already on a yellow.

be out of breath   息切れをしている
/bi aʊt əv breθ/

I hope they won’t soon be out of breath.

be ready for A   Aの準備ができている
/bi ˈredi fə(r)/

Some say we are exhausted, but we are actually ready for the final.

be replaced by A   Aと交代する
/bi rɪˈpleɪst baɪ/

Just three minutes after coming on as a sub, an injured Edin Dzeko is replaced by Frank Lampard.

be sent off   退場させられる
/bi sent ɒf/

Ramos was sent off for the 26th time in his career tonight? Thoughts?

be stretched off   担架で運び出される
/bi stretʃt ɒf/

Neymar went down with a nasty ankle injury and got stretched off.

be subbed off   交代する
/bi sʌbd ɒf/

Was Nakamura subbed off? I thought he could score from this free kick!

be under pressure   プレッシャーのかかった状況にいる
/bi ˈʌndə(r) ˈpreʃə(r)/

His vision and accuracy didn’t go off even when he was under pressure.

beat   ~を打ち負かす, 〜を抜く

Why is it so difficult to beat a player like Virgil van Dijk?

behavior   振る舞い

Joe Gomez is banned for 2 games for his red card and behavior against Diego Costa.

bend   (ボールの軌道など)を曲げる

Coutinho tries to bend a free-kick into the bottom corner from just outside the box, but it bounces wide of the post.

bicycle kick   バイシュクルキック
/baɪsɪkl kɪk/

Cristiano Ronaldo’s bicycle kick goal against Buffon is the BEST GOAL I’ve ever seen.

big game player   大舞台に強い選手
/bɪɡ ɡeɪm ˈpleɪə(r)/

What a big game player! Rashford loves scoring in big games!

big opportunity   大チャンス
/bɪɡ ˌɒpəˈtjuːnəti/

It was a biggest opportunity of the match and I screwed up.

blaze over   ふかす
/bleɪz ˈəʊvə(r)/

I’m gonna give you an easy ball! So, make sure you won’t blaze it over!

bleed   出血する

Looks like he is bleeding from his forehead. Team doctors are coming onto the pitch.

block   ブロックする

Unai Emery tried to set up a deep block and play for a 0-0 or 0-1 today.

blow a lead   リードを台無しにする
/bləʊ ə liːd/

Palace blow a two goal lead and United with a screamer to get the winner in injury time!

blow a whistle   笛をふく
/bləʊ ə ˈwɪsl/

Four Tottenham players were offside but the referee didn’t even blow his whistle.

blunder   大失敗, ヘマ

Lyon’s goalkeeper made the blunder of all blunders to cost them the game at Benfica.

body balance   ボディバランス
/ˈbɒdi ˈbæləns/

Andy Carroll has more body balance than any other player and his left foot is a lethal weapon.

boss the midfield   中盤を支配する
/bɒs ðə ˈmɪdfiːld/

I just love the way Alonso, Xavi and Iniesta boss the midfield.

bottom corner   下の隅
/ˈbɒtəm ˈkɔːnə(r)/

GOAL! Luis Suarez puts Uruguay ahead with a powerful low free-kick into the bottom corner!.

bounce   はずむ

I couldn’t control the ball because it bounced in a weird way.

bounce off   跳ね返る
/baʊns ɒf/

Ronaldinho whips the ball around the wall and sees his effort bounce back off the woodwork.

brace   1試合で1人が2得点を決めること

In 2013, Manchester City beat CSKA Moscow 5-2 thanks to a Negredo hattrick and an Agüero brace.

break down A   A(ディフェンスなど)を破る
/breɪk daʊn/

Modric caused a problem to the opposition side with a lovely move to break down a deep defence.

break the deadlock   均衡を破る
/breɪk ðə ˈdedlɒk/

Spurs 1-0 Arsenal! Dele reacts quickest in the box to break the deadlock!

build a wall   壁をつくる
/bɪld ə wɔːl/

Come on, guys! Build a four man wall now!

build up   組み立て, ビルドアップ
/bɪld up/

These are some details of Man City’s defensive approach during Real Madrid’s build up phase.

bullet header   弾丸ヘッド
/ˈbʊlɪt ˈhedə(r)/

BOOm! Today’s Goal of the Day is a bullet header from Yoshida against West Ham United!

bumpy   でこぼこの

The skipper is proud of having dealt with the bumpy pitch and won the game.

burst forward   突き進む
/bɜːst ˈfɔːwəd/

Matic does well to stop Rashford as he burst forward but United are back in possession.