Uから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

UEFA   欧州サッカー連盟

This is the official site of the Union of European Football Associations, where you can find match fixtures.

unavailable   出場することができない

Messi will be unavailable until April due to the hamstring injury.

unbeaten record   無敗記録
/ʌnˈbiːtn ˈrekɔːd/

In 2004, Arsenal set a league unbeaten record from the start of the season.

unbelievable   信じられない

Gareth Bale executed an unbelievable bicycle kick at the UCL final.

under control   コントロール下に, 支配下に
/ˈʌndə(r) kənˈtrəʊl/

Iniesta easily kept the ball under control.

under par performance   変凡以下のプレー
/ˈʌndə(r) pɑː(r) pəˈfɔːməns/

I would say it was an under par performance for them.

under pressure   フレッシャーのかかった
/ˈʌndə(r) ˈpreʃə(r)/

Harry is not good at passing the ball forward accurately when he’s under pressure.

underdog(s)   勝ち目の薄いチーム

We may be underdogs, but we do what we should do! okay?

underestimate   〜を見くびる

His ability should not be underestimated. I think he’s got so much potential.

underrate   〜を過小評価する

Who is the most underrated defender in the Premier League?

undershorts   スパッツ

Oh my god! I forgot my undershots at home!

under-the-wall free kick   壁の下を通すフリーキック
/ˈʌndə(r) ðə wɔːl ˌfriː ˈkɪk/

Lionel Messi was lying down on the ground in order to prevent under-the-wall free kick.

underway   進行中で

We’re underway! It’s only 10 minutes to the kick-off!

under X touches   Xタッチ以下で
/ˈʌndə(r) X ˈtʌtʃɪz/

In this practice, you have to play the ball under three touches!

unfair   不公平な

Clearly, the referee’s decision was unfair to Spurs.

unfortunate   不運な

Manchester United were unfortunate to lose the match in the extra time.

unleash   〜に自由を与える

The manager said that Harry Kane shouldn’t be unleashed anytime on the pitch.

unmarked   マークにつかれていない

Come on! Number 10 is unmarked! Who’s got him?

unselfish   利他的な, 自己犠牲的な

Ronaldo took the unselfish option and laid the ball to Rooney, who scored a goal from the spot.

unsporting behaviour   反スポーツ的行為
/ˌʌnˈspɔːtɪŋ bɪˈheɪvjə(r)/

Unsportsmanlike behaviour is a foul or offense that violates the sense of sportsmanship.

unsportsmanlike conduct   非紳士的行為
/ˌʌnˈspɔːtsmənlaɪk kənˈdʌkt/

That was an example of unsportsmanlike conduct. You shouldn’t do that.

unstoppable   止めることのできない

Pep Guardiola described Lionel Messi as unstoppable at the press conference.

unsung hero   影の立役者
/ˌʌnˈsʌŋ ˈhɪərəʊ/

There are heroes, but there are also unsung heroes behind them.

up and down   上がり下がり, 浮き沈み
/ʌp ənd daʊn/

Manchester United have experienced ups and downs and now they are great.

update   更新情報, 〜を更新する

Match Update! Aston Villa take the lead with a powerful shot from Jack Grealish!

upfront   最前線で

I don’t want to play upfront today!

upper body   上半身
/ˈʌpə(r) ˈbɒdi/

Upper body resistance or strength training has a long list of benefits.

upset   動揺した

Now, I see how upset the champions are!

use one’s body effectively   身体を上手く使う
/juːz wʌnz ˈbɒdi ɪˈfektɪvli/

Small players have to use your body effectively in order to keep the ball away from big ones.

utility player   複数ポジションがこなせる選手
/juːˈtɪləti ˈpleɪə(r)/

DISCUSSION! Who is the greatest utility player in the history of football?