Nから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

narrow the angle   角度を狭める
/ˈnærəʊ ðə ˈæŋɡl/

The goalkeeper had to narrow the angle to defend the net.

national team   国の代表チーム
/ˈnæʃnəl tiːm/

The American national team is getting better and better.

near post   ニアポスト
/nɪə(r) post/

Goal! Lucas Moura nutmegs Harry Maguire and beats David De Gea at his near post!

need fresh legs   交代選手を必要とする
/niːd freʃ ˈleɡz/

We needed fresh legs on the pitch but obviously the manager didn’t trust the players on the bench

negative(s)   否定的な, 否定的な要素

The negatives of playing in the rain are that injuries could happen more often.

nervous   緊張した

This was Bruno Fernandes’ first game at Old Trafford, so he was a bit nervous.

net   ゴールネット, ネットを揺らす

What a beautiful strike! Pianic fires a free-kick straight into the top corner of the net!

neutral   真ん中の, 中立の

The commentator had a neutral opinion about the VAR decision.

next season   来シーズン
/nekst ˈsiːzn/

Where will Chelsea finish in the Premier League next season?

next to A   Aの隣
/nekst tə/

Giorgio Chiellini was standing next to the goalkeeper.

nil   (スポーツの)ゼロ, 零点

In British football if neither team scores a goal, the score is said to be: nil-nil or nil-nil draw.

no chance for the goalkeeper   キーパーにはどうしようもない
/nəʊ tʃɑːns fə(r) ðə ˈɡəʊlkiːpə(r)/

That was an absolute firecracker! No chance for the goalkeeper!

no room to play   プレーのスペースがない
/nəʊ ruːm tə pleɪ/

With too many footballers swarming the area, there was no room to play.

no-look pass   ノールックパス
/nəʊ lʊk pɑːs/

Angel Di María performed a great no-look pass.

non-kicking foot   軸足
/nɒn ˈkɪkɪŋ foot/

Make sure that your non-kicking foot lands as close as possible to the ball.

non-league side   トップリーグに所属していないチーム
/nɒn liːɡ saɪd/

Jamie Vardy originally came from the non-league side, and transferred to the league club.

nothing to lose   失うものはない, ダメもと
/ˈnʌθɪŋ tə luːz/

It will be a huge challenge for us, but maybe the pressure is off because now we have nothing to lose.

nutmeg   股抜き

The cheeky nutmeg by Jadon Sancho wins Skill of the Day!