Aから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

abandon   (試合など)を放棄する

Our team decided to abandon the match due to missing players.

acceleration   加速

Mbappe scored again with that ridiculous acceleration.

accidental   偶然の, 事故的な

Referee Michael Oliver said Maguire’s elbow was accidental.

accurate   正確な

That was an accurate pass from Modric to Benzema but his shot was off target.

achievement   偉業, 達成

To coach the same team for 22 years is an incredible achievement.

acres of space   大きなスペース
/ˈeɪkə(r)z əv speɪs/

Trent is finding acres of space down the right and the defender fires a ball into the area.

acute pain   鋭い痛み
/əˈkjuːt peɪn/

Leno said he had an acute pain on his shoulder at that time.

added time   追加時間
/ˈædɪd taɪm/

Everton have EIGHT minutes of added time to find an equaliser.

additional assistant referee   追加副審
/əˈdɪʃənl əˈsɪstənt ˌrefəˈriː/

There was an additional assistant referee standing in the perfect place, but he failed to make the right call.

additional time   アディショナルタイム
/əˈdɪʃənl taɪm/


advance   進出する

These players will now advance to the next round.

advantage   有利な立場, アドバンテージ

Arsenal took full advantage of their home stadium.

aerial   空中の

Virgil van Dijk and Joel Matip have won 64 of 72 aerial duels when paired together this season.

against   ~に対して

Who remembers this rocket of a free-kick from Cristiano Ronaldo against Arsenal?

aggregate score   合計スコア
/ˈæɡrɪɡət skɔː(r)/

✍️省略形の agg が表示の際には使用されることが多いです。

aggressive   攻撃的な

Solskjaer urges aggressive Man United approach against Liverpool at Old Trafford.

agility   機敏性

Agility Redefined: PUMA & Thierry Henry Unveil The Future Flash Football Boot.

aim for A   Aを狙う
/eɪm fə(r)/

Of course we aim for 3 points even though it’s an away match.

airtime   滞空時間

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a header to take the lead with some insane airtime.

alert   抜け目のない, 準備のできた

Leonardo Bonucci is always alert as a defender when he’s on the pitch.

allow   ~を許す

If we allow them to score another goal, this game would be over.

anticipation   予測

Ramos intercepts the ball with a perfect combo of anticipation and positioning.

appeal for A   Aを要求する
/əˈpiːl fə(r)/

Home team players are appealing for a penalty, now the decision is being discussed.

appear   出場する

The Brazilian super star appeared on the pitch for the first time since his arrival.

appearance   出場(数)

Ryan Gigs is about to make his final appearance as a United player at 41.

approach   近づく

Besiktas have made an approach for Loris Karius with Liverpool willing to allow the goalkeeper to leave.

assist   アシスト

How many assists would Kevin De Bruyne have if he played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo?

assistant referee   副審
/əˈsɪstənt ˌrefəˈriː/

The goal is given after a lengthy pause as the referee consulted with his assistant referee.

athletic   フィジカルが強い, 運動選手らしい

Ronaldinho is not disciplined enough to keep his body athletic for his entire career.

atmosphere   雰囲気

The atmosphere at Old Trafford was always buzzing.

attack from wide areas   サイドから攻める
/əˈtæk frəm waɪd ˈeəriə/

For the first 15 minutes, Wolves kept attacking from wide areas.

attempt   シュート(の試み)

Ronaldo scored a goal from a direct free kick at his 45th attempt.

attendance   観客数

The attendance at the Emirates has been announced as 58,240 today.

attitude   態度

Gareth Bale’s attitude towards football isn’t great but on the pitch he is truly amazing.

audacious   大胆な

Manuel Neuer made an audacious no-look pass in training yesterday.

available   出場可能な

Antonio Conte confirms Eden Hazard is available for Chelsea game at Leicester tomorrow.

award   賞, ~を与える

Kepa Arrizabalaga won the save of the weekend award.

award a penalty   PKを与える
/əˈwɔːd ə ˈpenəlti/

The referee was correct to award Real Madrid a last-gasp penalty and send Gianluigi Buffon off.

awareness   (周りの状況の)認知

Arsene Wenger was referring to a specific player’s spacial awareness and intelligence.

away   アウェイ(の), 遠くへ

Norwich City have lost 5 away games in a row without scoring any goal.

awful   ひどい

Awful defending and goalkeeping helped Chelsea get their second!

awkward   ぎこちない, 下手な

Everyone pointed out his awkward positioning when the opposition team was about to take a free-kick.