Sから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

sack   〜を解任する

Juventus have sacked head coach Maurizio Sarri a day after being knocked out of the Champions League.

safety   安全な

If the safety of an opponent is endangered, it’s considered as excessive force.

salvage a point   勝ち点1を拾い上げる
/ˈsælvɪdʒ ə pɔɪnt/

Although Everton nealy lost the game, they were able to salvage a point in the final phase.

sanction   制裁

Nobody knew if Man City will escape their FFP sanction for next season.

save   (キーパーの)セーブ, 〜を救う

Great save from Buffon! He gets down to deny Florenzi inside the box!

save one’s energy   体力を温存する
/seɪv wʌnz ˈenədʒi/

You’d better save your energy for the next game.

scapegoat   戦犯, 罪を負わされるもの

Rukaku was a scapegoat even when the loss was not his fault.

schoolboy error   しょうもないミス
/ˈskuːlbɔɪ ˈerə(r)/

Sometimes even professional players can make a schoolboy error.

scissors kick   シザースキック
/ˈsɪzəz kɪk/

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s amazing scissors kick goal against Juventus!

scoop   (ボール)をすくい上げる

Xabi scoops the ball and Messi is there! Amazing combination!

score   スコア, 得点する

Hands up if you think Robert Lewandowski will score for Bayern Munich tonight.

scoreless draw   スコアレスドロー, 0対0の引き分け
/ˈskɔːləs drɔː/

Borussia Dortmund advance to DFB Pokal semi-finals with scoreless draw.

score sheet   スコアシート, 得点記入表
/ˈskɔː ʃiːt/

Thomas Muller was on the scoresheet as Bayern went 8 points clear in the Bundesliga.

scoring machine   ゴール量産機
/ˈskɔːrɪŋ məˈʃiːn/

Bruno Fernandes once became a scoring machine for Sporting.

scout   スカウト, 偵察

What do scouts look for in young players?

scramble   大慌ての奪い合い

A scramble in the box sees Messi come close to his first goal in Russia.

scrappy   ダメダメな, しょぼい

He should play as a centre back. I think he is always scrappy at right back.

screamer   (叫んでしまうほど)強烈なシュート

Pogba launches a magnificent screamer! Manchester United snuff out Swansea 3-1!

screw up   〜をしくじる, 〜を台無しにする
/skruː ʌp/

Inter accidentally screwed up the match against AC Milan in one moment.

Scudetto   スクデット(セリエAのタイトル)

Which Serie A club won the Scudetto l0 years ago?

seal the win   勝利を確かなものにする
/siːl ðə wɪn/

They’ve already scored 6 goals. It’s safe to say West Ham sealed the win.

season   シーズン

The first season was adventurous for me with much drama and many crazy wins.

season ticket   シーズンチケット, 年間パス
/ˈsiːzn ˈtɪkɪt/

Arsenal have decided to give refunds to their season ticket holders due to the coronavirus crisis.

second-last opponent   後方から2番目の相手選手
/ˈsekənd lɑːst əˈpəʊnənt/

Second-last opponent is an imprtant factor to understand offside rules.

seeded team   シード権を得たチーム
/ˈsiːdɪd tiːm/

Real Madrid could take it a little easy as they were one of the seeded teams.

seesaw game   シーソーゲーム, 一進一退の試合
/ˈsiː sɔː ɡeɪm/

I love to watch a seesaw game like this! It’s so exciting!

self-control   自制
/ˌself kənˈtrəʊl/

Even after the wrong call from the referee, Marcus Rashford showed some self-control.

selfish   自己中心的な

The player was very selfish in that game, never passing the ball to his mates.

semi-final   準決勝
/ˌsemi ˈfaɪnl/

The semi-final between Chelsea and Barcelona was the best game I’ve ever watched!

send off   〜を退場させる
/send ɒf/

Send him off! That clearly deserves a red card!

send A to the wrong way   Aを逆方向に送る, フェイントで引っ掛ける
/send A tə ðə rɒŋ weɪ/

In the penalty shootout, Drogba sent Neuer to the wrong way.

sensational   感覚を揺さぶるほどに素晴らしい

Oh my word! Mario Mandžukić finds the back of the net in a sensational way!

sense of responsibility   責任感
/sens əv rɪˌspɒnsəˈbɪləti/

A super star who influences many people should have a sense of responsibility.

Serie A   セリエA, イタリアリーグ

The Italian Serie A is getting interesting year by year.

set   (ボールを)置く, セットする

Now, the ball is set for a free kick. Kroos is gonna take it.

set up a chance   チャンスをつくる
/set ʌp ə tʃɑːns/

Setting up a chance for my teammates is the most important job for me.

set-piece   セットプレー
/ˌset ˈpiːs/

Straight from the training ground, Shinji Kagawa finishes the corner set-piece!

silky skill   滑らかな足技
/ˈsɪlki skɪl/

Check out the silky skills performed by Isco Alarcon!

shaky backline   不安定な最終ライン
/ˈʃeɪki ˈbæklaɪn/

It was a big match. I can understand our backline was a bit shaky for the first 15 minutes.

sharp   鋭い

Gabriel Jesus has focused on staying sharp during the preseason.

sharp pain   鋭い痛み
/ʃɑːp peɪn/

I don’t know why, but I have a sharp pain in my chest.

shield the ball   ボールを守る
/ʃiːld ðə bɔːl/

When you’re surrounded by defenders, try to shield the ball as much as you can.

shin pad(s)   すねあて
/ʃɪn pæd/

I’m planning to buy new shin pads online today. Any recommendations?

shirt   シャツ

It was my dream. I’m very honoured to wear Liverpool shirt and play at Anfield.

shoelace   靴紐

The goalkeeper’s shoelace came untied during the game.

shoot   シュート, シュートをする

The commentator said “It’s too far to shoot.” but Ronaldo gave a powerful shot.

shorts   ショーツ, サッカーパンツ

Don’t forget to bring away shorts as well for tomorrow’s game!

shot   シュート

It’s not looking good. Rangers have had 31% possession and 0 shots.

shot off target   枠外シュート
/ʃɒt ɒf ˈtɑːɡɪt/

Here comes Vardy! Oh, but his shot was slightly off target.

shot on target   枠内シュート
/ʃɒt ɒn ˈtɑːɡɪt/

Spurs had 14 shots on target. The only shot that he didn’t save was Kane’s penalty.

shoulder blade   肩甲骨
/ˈʃəʊldə(r) bleɪd/

The black vest is designed to hold the shoulder blades.

shoulder charge   肩でのタックル
/ˈʃəʊldə(r) tʃɑːdʒ/

The hard shoulder charge from Teemu Pukki generated a yellow card.

shoulder-to-shoulder   肩同士の
/ˈʃəʊldə(r) tə ˈʃəʊldə(r)/

It was shoulder to shoulder! Definitely not a yellow card!

shout   叫ぶ

The manager, Jose Mourinho, had to shout to get everyone’s attention.

shove   〜を小突く

Cristiano Ronaldo suspended for 5 games for red card and shove on the referee.

showdown   大詰め, 土壇場

Paul Pogba arrives for training ahead of derby showdown at the Etihad.

shrug off the tackle   タックルをかわす
/ʃrʌɡ ɒf ðə ˈtækl/

Kai Havertz beautifully shrugged off the tackle from Antonio Rüdiger in training.

shut down A   Aを零封する
/ʃʌt daʊn/

Van Dijk is on a different level. He would shut down any attacker in the world.

side   サイド, チーム

Arsenal are in control of the North London derby. 2-0 to the home side.

side net   サイドネット
/saɪd net/

The Schalke fans erupt but Uchida’s header hits the side net. No goal.

sign   〜と契約する

Villarreal win the race to sign Takefusa Kubo on season-long loan deal from Real Madrid.

signal   (審判が出す)合図, サイン

After the signal from the referee, Wolves celebrated the goal.

silence critics   批評家たちを黙らせる
/ˈsaɪləns ˈkrɪtɪks/

The only thing I’m focusing on is to do my best and silence critics.

silly mistake   馬鹿げたミス
/ˈsɪli mɪˈsteɪk/

The goalkeeper made a silly mistake! The ball slipped into the net!

simulation   シミュレーション, 欺く行為

Mourinho: PSG completely stopped the game with simulation tactics.

sitter   容易なゴールチャンス

The coach looked distressed when his man missed a sitter.

skill   技術, スキル

Football is a great opportunity for children to make new friends and develop skills.

skip away from A   Aを切り抜ける
/skɪp əˈweɪ from/

Silva does well to skip away from the defender and find the feet of Jesus.

skipper   主将, キャプテン

The skipper of Real Madrid has been Sergio Ramos for a long time.

slalom run   スラロームラン
/ˈslɑːləm rʌn/

Eden Hazard goes on a superb, slaloming run into the Liverpool area.

sleek   オシャレな

Modric with a sleek pass behind the defense! And Benzema breaks the deadlock!

sliding tackle   スライディングタックル
/slaɪd ˈtækl/

First of all, remember that sliding tackles should only be used as a last resort!

slight contact   わずかな接触
/slaɪt ˈkɒntækt/

Unfortunately, the slight contact in the box can make the referee call a foul.

slip   滑る

Steven Gerrard’s slip did not cost Liverpool the Premier League title said Brendan Rodgers.

sloppy   雑な

Hey! Don’t be sloppy on your pass!

slow down   (〜の)スピードを落とす
/sləʊ daʊn/

N’golo Kante may be the only man who can slow down Leonel Messi.

slow starter   エンジンがかかるのが遅い選手, チーム
/sləʊ ˈstɑːtə(r)/

For some reasons, the champion team was being a slow starter this season.

slump   不調, スランプ

Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s slump in La Liga the beginning of his gradual decline?

smart ball   賢いパス
/smɑːt bɔːl/

What a smart ball from Santi Cazorla to Giroud! And he scores!

smash   〜を強打する, 〜を倒す

Don’t worry. Chelsea is gonna smash Barcelona again.

snatch a point   勝ち点1を掴み取る
/snætʃ ə pɔɪnt/

Full-time: Spurs somehow snatch a point in an unbelievable game at Anfield.

so far   今のところ
/səʊ fɑː(r)/

Manchester United have struggled to create a chance so far in the first half.

sock(s)   ソックス

Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish says there is superstition behind his low socks.

solid   手堅い, 堅実な

A solid performance from New Castle earns a deserved first point of the season!

solo goal   独走ゴール
/ˈsəʊləʊ ɡəʊl/

Son Heung Min’s superb solo goal against Burnley has won the goal of the year.

sore muscles   筋肉痛
/sɔː(r) ˈmʌslz/

After the intense workout, everyone in the team had sore muscles.

spatial awareness   空間認知
/ˈspeɪʃl əˈweənəs/

What made Özil special is that he had both the spatial awareness and final ball.

spectator   観衆, 観客

Spurs have been charged after a spectator ran on the pitch during their Champions League win.

spectacular   目を見張る

Oh! Just out of nothing! What a spectacular strike!

speed   スピード

A study has found Gareth Bale to be the world’s quickest player according to his maximum recorded speed.

spill the ball   ボールをこぼす
/spɪl ðə bɔːl/

What a mistake! Gianluigi Donnarumma spills the ball into his own net!

spin   回転, 〜を回転させる

Dybala takes the free kick! And it’s in! The spin on that ball was so lovely!

spin towards A   Aに向かって回転する
/spɪn təˈwɔːdz/

Luckliy, the ball was spinning towards me, so it was an easy tap-in.

spit   唾を吐く

The star player spat on opponent and received yellow card after their 2-0 loss.

sprinkle water   水を撒く
/ˈsprɪŋkl ˈwɔːtə(r)/

It’s normal to sprinkle water on the pitch before a football match.

spot   (ペナルティー)スポット

Shinji Kagawa puts Japan ahead from the spot after Carlos Sanchez is sent off for a deliberate handball!

sprain   〜を捻る, 挫く

PSG confirmed Kylian Mbappe will be out for three weeks with an ankle sprain.

spread   〜を広げる, 広がる

After having a pre-match huddle, the players spread out onto the field.

spread one’s body   体を広げる
/spred wʌnz ˈbɒdi/

Be brave and spread your body! Never give up on making a save!

sprint   ダッシュ, 短距離

Is there anyone quicker than Adama Traore? Watch his unbelievable sprints!

squad   チーム, 編隊

Thomas Tuchel announces Kylian Mbappe will be in PSG’s squad to play Atalanta.

square pass   横パス
/skweə(r) pɑːs/

Square and back passes are not your first choice! Let’s play more attacking and direct football!

square the ball   横パスをする
/skweə(r) ðə bɔːl/

Messi was really unselfish to square the ball to Suarez just in front of the goal.

squeeze   しぼる

When you’re defending, it’s important to squeeze in order to cover space inside.

stagnate   (〜が)停滞する

Spurs players improve under Pochettino while other teams stagnate.

stamina   スタミナ

Modric is such a wonderful player! Tremendous energy and stamina for his age!

stamp   〜を踏みつける, 踏みつけ

It was lucky that Gareth Bale wasn’t sent off for the stamp on Umtiti’s calf.

stance   構え

Here’s the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo does his trademark stance before taking free-kicks.

stand in front of A   Aの前に立つ
/stænd ɪn frʌnt əv/

Virgil Van Dijk was standing in front of the ball to stop quick restart.

standing   順位表, 勝敗表

You can check the current table standing of the English Premier League online.

standing foot   軸足
/ˈstændɪŋ fʊt/

Many players tried to mimick the position and angle of David Beckham’s standing foot.

standing ovation   大喝采, スタンディングオベーション
/ˈstændɪŋ əʊˈveɪʃn/

Ronaldinho received a standing ovation from Real Madrid supporter.

starting Ⅺ   スターティングメンバー
/ˈstɑːtɪŋ ɪˈlevn/

This is our starting XI! Remember tonight is the biggest night of the season!

stay down   倒れたままでいる
/steɪ daʊn/

Van Persie stayed down on the ground after he had heavy contact with the goalkeeper.

stay on one’s feet   飛び込まずに対応する
/steɪ ɒn wʌnz fiːt/

Don’t be easy! Stay on your feet!

step inside   中へ切り込む
/step ˌɪnˈsaɪd/

Isco stepped inside from left to the middle to find room for a shot.

step out   避ける, (その場を少し)離れる
/step aʊt/

Hey! That’s not your ball! Step out!

step down   (監督などが)退任する
/step daʊn/

Now, Mauricio Pochettino stepped down. Who do Tottenham fans want as their next manager?

step over   またぎフェイント
/step ˈəʊvə(r)/

At the age of 10, Jesse Lingard was given a step-over tutorial by Cristiano Ronaldo.

step up   (PKを蹴るために)歩を進める
/step ʌp/

Schweinsteiger slowly steps up to take the penalty kick. Can he make it?

stick to A   Aにこだわる
/stɪk tə/

We were able to stick to our game plan. That’s why we could win tonight.

stop   〜を止める, 止まる

Chiellini: The only way to stop Messi is to pray.

stoppage time   終了間際の時間, アディショナルタイム
/ˈstɒpɪdʒ taɪm/

Lazio seal a Super Coppa Italiana win with a wonderful free-kick deep into stoppage time!

straight into the goal   ゴールへ真っ直ぐ
/streɪt ˈɪntə ðə ɡəʊl/

It’s a supurb strike! Straight into the goal! No chance for the goalkeeper!

straight red   1発レッドカード
/streɪt red/

Bernardo Silva received a straight red card and a suspension for 3 matches.

strategy   戦略

The game strategy told by Sir Alex Ferguson was to press high and get round them.

strength   強み, 強さ

Marcelo Bielsa: Aston Villa has a team with very significant offensive strength.

stress fracture   疲労骨折
/stres ˈfræktʃə(r)/

Breaking News: Marcus Rashford is thought to have a double stress fracture in his back.

stretch   〜を伸ばす, ストレッチ

Dynamic stretching can prepare your body for a workout by helping to loosen and warm up your muscles.

stride   (広めの)歩幅

Taller footballers have a wider stride. So, it’s harder to control the ball on their feet.

strike the ball   ボールを強く打つ
/straɪk ðə bɔːl/

Keep in mind that professional footballers strike the ball with the force.

striker   ストライカー, 点取り屋

Did you watch Modric’s volley? It was like he was telling how to strike the ball in the air.

strong   強い

Only few players are strong both physically and mentally.

stud(s)   スタッド, スパイク裏のポイント

It was a horrific challenge! Studs were completely shown to him!

stumble   つまづく

Cavani stumbled near the box because the opponent tried to trip him from behind.

stunner   目を見張るようなシュート

Kevin De Bruyne’s stunner against Norwich wins Goal of the Month for July!

style   スタイル, プレー方法

When Fulham realise that they have to adopt a defensive style if they want to stay in the Premier League.

substitute   控え選手, 〜を入れ替える

Lucas Vázquez talks with honesty about his secondary, substitute’s role at Madrid.

substitution   交代

Mourinho makes a double substitution on 65 mins. Wiilian on for Schurrle and Mikel on for Lampard.

successor   後継者, 後任者

Xavi gave his thoughts on the Messi-Ronaldo comparison and their successor.

super sub   スーパーサブ
/ˈsuːpə(r) sʌb/

Super-sub Mario Gotze hits late winner for Bundesliga champions! What a moment!

superb   見事な

Arsenal’s first goal was created by superb teamwork, improvisation and technique!

support from A   Aからのサポート
/səˈpɔːt frəm/

Harry Kane was looking for a support from midfielders. But it was too late.

supporter   サポーター

David Luiz: We can see now how boring football is without fans.

surgery   手術

Neymar will only be sidelined for a month and will not need surgery after picking up an ankle injury.

surround   〜を取り囲む

It was interesting to see half of the opposition players surround Lionel Messi in a tight area.

suspension   出場停止

Jose Mourinho given one-match stadium suspension and fined £40,000.

swap positions   〜のポジションを入れ替える
/swɒp pəˈzɪʃn/

The commentator said Lacazette and Aubameyang should swap positions.

sweaty   汗まみれの

If David Beckham handed you his sweaty shirt, would you take it?

sweep away   (危険なエリアからボール)を取り除く
/swiːp əˈweɪ/

Varane immediatly swept away the ball blocked by Navas.

swerve   曲がり

I can’t believe it! How did Toni Kroos generate the swerve with incredible precision!

switch   サイドを変える

When the full-back got the ball, probably Pogba was thinking to switch from left to right.

system   選手配置, システム

Sheffield United have used the same 3-5-2 system for the last 137 games. Consistent.