Jから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

jersey   ジャージ, 選手の着るシャツ

Where can I find replica Spanish football jerseys?

jinx   ジンクス, 縁起の悪い言い伝え

There’s a jinx on this pitch.

joint   関節

Hugo Lloris dislocated his elbow joint when he landed.

joint top   同率トップ
/dʒɔɪnt tɒp/

They finished in the joint top.

journeyman   クラブを渡り歩く選手

The word “journeyman” refers to a sportsman who plays for numerous clubs during his career.

judgement   決断, 判定

The judgement made by today’s referee was totally insane.

jump towards A   Aに飛びつく
/dʒʌmp təˈwɔːdz/

Rooney jumps towards the ball! But it’s slightly too high.

just watch the ball   ボールだけを見る, ボールウォッチャーになる
/dʒʌst wɒtʃ ðə bɔːl/

Don’t just watch the ball! Number 9 is behind you!