Rから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

rabona   ラボーナ

Do you remember Di María’s sensational rabona assist?

rainbow flick   ヒールリフト
/ˈreɪnbəʊ flɪk/

Neymar destroyed the opponent with a rainbow flick.

range   領域, 射程距離

Cantwell taps home from close range after Pukki’s shot was saved!

reach   〜に届く, 届く距離

What do we need to do to reach the quarter-final?

react   反応する

Did you see what happened when Mario Gotze scored the winning goal?

reaction   反応, リアクション

Standing ovation from the whole stadium! This crowd’s reaction is something to remember!

read a game   試合を読む
/riːd ə ɡeɪm/

Zidane has the ability to read games as both player and manager.

rebound   跳ね返り

Quaresma taps home the rebound after Ronaldo’s shot is blocked.

receive   〜を受け取る

Messi has tendency to receive the ball to feet than making a run in behind.

receive one’s marching order   退場の指示を受ける
/rɪˈsiːv wʌnz ˈmɑːtʃɪŋ ˈɔːdə(r)/

Red card! The skipper has received his marching order from the referee.

reckless   無謀な

Pepe is booked for a reckless tackle on Busquets.

record signing   記録的(に高額な)契約
/ˈrekɔːd ˈsaɪnɪŋ/

Manchester United confirm world-record £85m transfer signing of Harry Maguire.

recover the ball   ボールを取り戻す
/rɪˈkʌvə(r) ðə bɔːl/

First half was great. We were able to recover the ball as quick as possible.

recovery   怪我からの回復, ボール奪取

Hope your injury isn’t serious. Wish for your speedy recovery before the Champions League!

red card   レッドカード
/red kɑːd/

Sergio Ramos has picked up 26 red cards across his career.

Red Devils   レッド・デビルズ(マンUの愛称)
/red ˈdevlz/

Why are Manchester United called the Red Devils?

referee   審判

I’m furious! The referee and those in the VAR booth should never referee another game!

regulation   試合規則

Some clubs wanted the new regulation about substitution but they were voted down.

release   (ボール)を放す

The accidental release of the goalkeeper allowed Bruno Fernandes to almost score a goal.

relegate   降格する

There is a chance that Aston Villa will be relegated from the Premier League.

relegation zone   降格圏
/ˌrelɪˈɡeɪʃn zəʊn/

Now, Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth are in the relegation zone.

replace   〜を⋯と交代させる

David Luiz has got to be named Arsenal captain to replace Granit Xhaka, says Paul Merson.

reputation   評判

Eden Hazard has restored his reputation as one of the world’s best players in 2020.

resilience   回復力

Thiago Silva was supposed to be out for two months, but his resilience was impressive.

respect   〜を尊敬する

Players must play to the whistle and respect the referee.

response   〜に反応する, 応答

Quick response! Jesse Lingard scores for Manchester United!

restart   〜を再開する, リスタート

The game had to be restarted, because Bruno Fernandes moved too quickly.

restore the lead   リードを取り戻す
/rɪˈstɔː(r) ðə liːd/

GOAL! Kai Havertz with his second to restore the lead!

result   結果

Mikel Arteta says Arsenal must delete the result from their memories after a disappointing result.

retaliation   報復行為

The defender elbowed Alan in retaliation for his dangerous tackle.

retreat   後退して守備をする

When the opposing team is on counterattack, you must retreat quickly.

return pass   リターンパス
/rɪˈtɜːn pɑːs/

The initial pass from Messi was inch-perfect and Iniesta’s return pass was also accurate.

rewrite the record   記録を塗り替える
/ˌriːˈraɪt ðə ˈrekɔːd/

Here’s the winner! Real Madrid rewrite the record of the Champions league!

right footed   右利き(の), 右足での
/raɪt ˈfʊtɪd/

Most footballers are naturally right footed.

risky   危険な, リスクを伴う

If you think passing the ball to the keeper is risky, just play safe!

rival   ライバル, 対抗者

Zidane: “Cristiano is the best. Messi is his rival and it’s the rivalry everyone wants to see.”

role   役割, 任務

Park Ji-sung was given a role to man-mark Frank Lampard by Sir Alex Ferguson.

role model   理想とする選手
/rəʊl ˈmɒdl/

Keisuke Honda has been a great role model for young players since his arrival.

roll-on-roll-off subs   自由交代
/rəʊl ˌɒn rəʊl ˈɒf sʌbz/

In the amateur league, clubs voted to use roll-on roll-off substitutes.

rotation   順番, 回転, ローテーション

Tough players are not benched, not substituted and not involved in rotation.

round of 16   ベスト16の試合
/raʊnd əv ˌsɪksˈtiːn/

Man City will be facing Real Madrid in the Champions League round of 16.

rule   ルール

It is a rule that the ball must cross past the goaline in order to be counted.

run   走る

Ivica Osim used to say “Run, run, run!” to his players.

run down the clock   時計の針を進める
/rʌn daʊn ðə klɒk/

With a single goal lead, Crystal Palace was just trying to run down the clock.

run out of A   Aを切らす
/rʌn aʊt əv/

Hurry up! We’re running out of time!

run-up   助走
/rʌn ʌp/

Bale takes a Ronaldo-esque run-up before sending a 30-yard free kick.

runner-up   準優勝者, 準優勝チーム
/ˌrʌnər ˈʌp/

France won and Croatia were runners-up in the World Cup held in Russia in 2018.