Dから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

daisy cutter   低い弾道のシュート
/ˈdeɪzi ˈkʌtə(r)/

✍️ちなみに daisy とは高さ10~20cmほどの多年草である「ヒナギク」のこと。

dangerous   危険な

RED CARD! Auba is sent off for a dangerous tackle on Meyer.

dark horse   ダークホース, 予想外の実力を持つ競争者
/dɑːk hɔːs/

Will Modric lead dark horse Croatia to winning the World Cup?

dead ball situation   ボールがプレーされない状況
/ded bɔːl ˌsɪtʃuˈeɪʃn/

Some say that Chelsea can’t defend dead ball situation.

debut   デビュー

Nine players have scored a hat-trick on their Champions League debut since its beginning.

decent   しっかりとした, 良い

We are in a decent position now compared to mid-December where everyone basically had us relegated.

decision   決定, 判定

It was the worst refereeing decision I’ve ever seen!

decision-making   判断, プレー選択
/dɪˈsɪʒ ˈmeɪkɪŋ/

What makes the difference on the pitch is decision making and execution.

decisive goal   勝利を決定づけるゴール
/dɪˈsaɪsɪv ɡəʊl/

Samuel Umtiti grabbed the decisive goal to book France’s place in the World Cup final.

deep cross   深いクロス
/diːp krɒs/

Mane meets a deep cross to the back post with a looping header, but it’s too high.

defeat   敗北, ~を負かす

Real Madrid knocked out of the Copa del rey after a 3-4 defeat from Real Sociedad.

defense   ディフェンス

Is Van Dijk & Joe Gomez the best partnership for Liverpool defense?

defend deep   深い位置で守備をする
/dɪˈfend diːp/

I don’t like their style because they just defend deep and attack on the counter.

defensive role   守備的な役割
/dɪˈfensɪv rəʊl/

Paul Pogba is unhappy with his current defensive role and wants Mourinho to change Man United’s formation.

defensive third   ディフェンシブサード
/dɪˈfensɪv θɜːd/

Spurs give away the ball in their own defensive third and Adama Traoré scores!

deflection   ディフレクション, ボールの方向が急に逸れること

GOAL! Ronaldo’s free kick takes a huge deflection and flies in past Oblak!

deft   器用な, 巧妙な

What a deft touch that was from Shinji Kagawa!

delay   ~を遅らせる

The principle of delay is something all young defenders should know about.

deliberate   故意的な

I think it was not a deliberate attempt to elbow the striker.

delivery   (ボールの)供給

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s pinpoint delivery found the head of Firmino, but it was saved by the goalkeeper.

deny   ~を阻止する

Hugo Lloris is the first goalkeeper to deny Sergio Aguero from the penalty spot more than once since 2006.

derby   ダービー

Which was the best ever Merseyside Derby between Everton vs Liverpool for you?

deserve   ~に値する

Even Manchester City’s player says Liverpool deserve the title if this season has to be cancelled.

designate   ~を任命する

Mourinho: “I designated three penalty takers, Paul, Wayne and Zlatan, but sometimes I like the players to have the feeling ‘this is for me’”.

desperate   必死の, 死に物狂いの

Bournemouth players are desperate to cover the spaces!

determination   決心

No one was stopping Okazaki’s diving header with determination!

dethrone   (現チャンピオン)を打ち負かす

Manchester United dethrone Real Madrid in the World’s Richest Club Survey.

diagnose   ~を(⋯と)診断する

As a medical professional, I can officially diagnose Neymar’s ankle injury as a nasty one.

diagonal   斜め方向の

Here, Winks made a diagonal run so Kane could receive a pass down the line.

dink   柔らかい浮き球, ドロップボールを送る

Ings calmly dinks the ball over Burnley’s goalkeeper from a tight angle and it’s in!

direct   〜を指揮する, 直接

Man United wonderkid Andreas Pereira proves his value by scoring direct from a corner kick.

direct free kick   直接フリーキック
/dəˈrekt ˌfriː ˈkɪk/

Over the last 5 years, Messi’s scored 22 direct free kicks with a conversion rate of 11.8%.

direction   方向

If you can’t turn or change direction quickly in football, you will struggle to find space.

disallow   〜を却下する

Do you think the referee was right to disallow the goal?

disappointing   がっかりさせるような

Takumi Minamino claims Liverpool must change mindset to combat disappointing results.

discipline   統制, 規律

Discipline and Unity. Sheffield United are one of the most likable sides in the Premier League.

disciplinary breach   規律違反
/ˌdɪsəˈplɪnəri briːtʃ/

The striker has been stripped of the captaincy dure to his disciplinary breach.

dislocation   脱臼

The team doctor said the goalkeeper dislocated his shoulder when he landed.

dispossess   ボールを失う

There’s a midfield battle for the ball as Danny attempts to dispossess Gini.

distance   距離

The remarkable stats that prove the shift in Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick record from long distance.

distribution   配球

What pleased me the most today was the great teamwork and the distribution from Lindelof and De Gea.

dive   (審判を欺くための)ダイブ, ダイブする

Did you see it, ref! He just dived!

diving header   ダイビングヘッド
/ˈdaɪvɪŋ ˈhedə(r)/

Neuer denied Milito going through on goal with a brilliant diving header.

division X   X部リーグ

Here’s the line-up for this evening’s Premier League 2 Division 1 fixture against Tottenham Hotspur U23s.

do one’s best   ベストを尽くす
/duː wʌnz best/

You can win or lose, but you always have to do your best.

do well   よくやる, うまくやる
/duː wel/

I think you are doing very well to stop the winger. Don’t you think?

dodgy keeper   低レベルなキーパー
/ˈdɒdʒi ˈkiːpə(r)/

He made a horrible mistake today, but even without it, he is a dodgy keeper anyway.

domestic   国内の

Liverpool were about to win the domestic league for the first time in 30 years.

dominant   支配している

The commentator said Barcelona have played the most beautiful and dominant football since 2009-10 season.

dominate   ~を支配する, (相手)を圧倒する

Who do you think will dominate the midfield when Ajax take on Real Madrid tonight?

double the lead   (1-0を) 2-0にする
/ˈdʌbl ðə liːd/

GOAL! Man City 2-0 Brighton! Sergio Aguero unleashes a lovely strike to double the lead after some clever build-up play!

down   倒れて

Now, one player is down on the pitch but the referee plays an advantage!

down to 10 men   10人に減る
/daʊn tə ten men/

Moses receives a second yellow after diving in the box. Chelsea are down to 10 men.

drag one’s shirt   〜のシャツを引っ張る
/dræɡ wʌnz ʃɜːt/

Penalty kick was awarded to Wolves as Matt dragged Silva’s shirt.

dramatic   劇的な, ドラマチックな

The dramatic handball done by Suarez in 2010 will never be forgotten.

draw   引き分け, 組み合わせ抽選

UEFA Champions League semi-final draw has concluded! Which fixture excites you the most you?

dressing room   控え室, 更衣室
/ˈdresɪŋ ruːm/

Henderson is underappreciated to some but, in the dressing room, we appreciate everything he does.

dribble   ドリブル, ドリブルをする

The dribble, the vision, the pass… Everything that Eden Hazard has is worth watching.

dribble past   ドリブルで抜き去る
/ˈdrɪbl past/

Virgil van Dijk is an absolute wall at the back, very hard to dribble past, strong and good in the air.

drive   縦回転シュート, ドライブシュート

What a shot! This superb drive from Cristiano produced our second goal of the afternoon.

drop   下がる, 落ちる

His positioning allows me to drop back or move on the right side or left side.

drop-kick   ドロップキック
/drɒp kɪk/

The goalkeeper has broken the record for the longest drop kick ever.

dropped ball   ドロップボール
/drɒpt bɔːl/

The current dropped ball procedure often leads to a manufactured restart.

duel   (球際の)競り合い, 対戦

Harrison is painful to watch because he can’t win a duel in the air despite his height.

dugout   試合中の選手の控え場所

If Steven Gerrard can restore Rangers to their former glory, a job in the Liverpool dugout could be his.

dull pain   鈍い痛み
/dʌl peɪn/

Modric joins up with Croatia and says “The dull pain’s gone so my knee’s fine.”

dummy run   おとりの動き
/ˈdʌmi rʌn/

Take a look at Romelu Lukaku’s dummy run for Belgium’s winning goal against Japan.

dynamic   ダイナミックな, 動きながらの

Which dynamic duo would you rather have and why? Messi and Neymar or Ronaldo and Bale?