Kから始まる英語のサッカー用語【単語 & フレーズ】

keep a clean sheet   無失点を保つ
/kiːp ə kliːn ʃiːt/

Kyle Walker’s goal-line clearance helped Man City keep 3 consecutive cleansheets.

keep the ball in play   ボールを残す
/kiːp ðə bɔːl ɪn pleɪ/

I think you did very well to keep the ball in play.

keep the ball low   ボールを浮かさずにプレーする
/kiːp ðə bɔːl ləʊ/

✍️ keep the ball on the ground と言うことも多いです。また、keep one’s shot low で「シュートを低く」抑えるという意味になります。

keep the pressure on   プレッシャーをかけ続ける
/kiːp ðə ˈpreʃə(r) ɒn/

Come on, boys! Keep the pressure on!

key player   キープレーヤー, 重要な選手
/kiː ˈpleɪə(r)/

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has described Phil Foden as a key player for the next decade.

kick   キック, 〜を蹴る

The footballer was trying to teach how to kick the ball to his children.

kick off   キックオフ
/kɪk ɒf/

Kick-off is at 7pm! Keep your eye on our updates!

kick-up   リフティング
/kɪk ʌp/

Marcelo was showing serious skills while others were struggling to do 3 kick-ups.

kicking leg   蹴り足
/ˈkɪkɪŋ fʊt/

✍️軸足 standing leg

kill the ball   ボールの勢いを抑える
/kɪl ðə bɔːl/

The ball was blasted towards Firmino and he killed it with his chest.

kit   ユニフォーム

The new kit is now available to pre-order for just £40!

knockout stage   トーナメント戦
/ˈnɒkaʊt steɪdʒ/

Can you name four players who scored 4 goals in a Champions League knockout stage game?

knuckle shot   ナックルシュート, 無回転シュート, ブレ球
/ˈnʌkl ʃɒt/

Honda’s knuckle shot was totally insane!

Kopite   コパイト

✍️熱狂的なリバプールサポーターを指す言葉で、複数形は Kopites (コパイツ)。