Vocab 0:00〜1:18

what a/an A

/wɒt ə(n)/

なんてA, なんというA

What a shot! It goes straight into the net!

a bit of stress

/ə bɪt əv stres/


Of course we had a bit of stress, but it was okay.




Chelsea were leading the Premier League at the beginning of September.

a few

/ə fjuː/


Mesut Ozil created a few chances in the second half.

at the end

/ət ði end/


At the end of the match, Man United scored an equaliser.




Three Barcelona midfielders totally controlled the middle area.




Leave me alone!

come up with A

/kʌm ʌp wɪð/

Aを持ち出す, Aを思いつく

I’ve just come up with a great idea now.



意図, 意志

It looked that you changed your intent in the second half.

all together



Okay!? We will definitely win this game all together.




All players respect his mentality.

be desperate for A

/bi ˈdespərət fə(r)/


Tottenham are desperate for covering the open space.



横たわる, 転がる

Where does the future lie, Hazard?



目標, 任務

Our target today is to get three points.






Footage 0:00〜1:18

Interviewer: What a second half that was. What a way to end the season, Eden.

Hazard: Yeah, it was good. You know, I think in the first half, both teams, you know, had a bit of stress because the final, you know, is something big for both teams. But, when Oli scored, I think it was the beginning of a great night. You know, we played well second half. They had a few chances at the end when the score was 4-1. But we controlled the game and just happy to leave this trophy with all the boys.

Interviewer: What did the manager say at halftime? Because you came up with such intent in that second 45.

Hazard: Just to keep playing. Try to play our football, what we did in the second half. We know that we have good players when we want to play all together, when we want to fight all together. Today, we showed this mentality and I think for the fans, for the boys, for a manager, for the staff, it’s a great trophy to win.

Interviewer: Two goals and you were desperate for the hat-trick but everybody watching at home wants to know the same thing. Can you tell us now? Where does the future lie?

Hazard: Haha. I don’t know yet you know, I think I will decide it in a few days. My target today was to win the trophy. That’s it. That’s the only thing I was on my mind.



※ Oli = オリヴィエ・ジルー







1. 全ての選手が彼の精神性を尊敬している。
All players respect his (     ).


2. その試合の終盤に、マンUは同点ゴールを決めた。
(     ) of the match, Man United scored an equaliser.


3. いいか!?この試合は一丸となって勝つぞ!?
Okay!? We will definitely win this game (     ).


4. バルセロナのMF3人は、中盤を完全に支配した。
Three Barcelona midfielders totally (     ) the middle area.


5. メスト・エジルは後半に少しのチャンスを作り出した。
Mesut Ozil created a few (     ) in the second half.


6. もちろん私たちは少しの重圧を感じていましたが、大丈夫でした。
Of course we had (     ), but it was okay.


7. 今日の我々の目標は勝ち点3を取ることだ。
Our (     ) today is to get three points.


8. キックオフ2時間前に両チームがスタジアムに到着した。
(     ) arrived at the stadium two hours before the kickoff.


9. なんてシュートだ!真っ直ぐゴールネットに突き刺さりました!
(     ) shot! It goes straight into the net!


10. トッテナムは空いたスペースを埋めるのに必死になっています。
Tottenham (     ) covering the open space.


11. チェルシーは9月の初めの時点ではプレミアリーグの首位に立っていた。
Chelsea were leading the Premier League at the (     ) of September.


12. 1人にしてくれ!
(     ) me alone!


13. たった今 素晴らしい案を思いつきました。
I’ve just (     ) a great idea now.


14. あなた方は後半に意図することを変えたように見えました。
It looked that you changed your (     ) in the second half.


15. アザール、未来はどこに転がっているのでしょうか?
Where does the future (     ), Hazard?







1. mentality


2. At the end


3. all together


4. controlled


5. a few


6. a bit of stress


7. target


8. Both teams


9. What a


10. are desperate for


11. beginning


12. leave


13. come up with


14. intent


15. lie






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