【Life with…】ウェストブロムが指導する新しい安全対策

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Tate: Hi, my name is Tate and I’m gonna show you what it’s like to be on the new Albion Foundation Summer Football Camp with new safety measures. When I arrive, we park on the road and get taken to the pitch by a coach. When I arrive at the pitch, the coach will tell me to put my drink in a coned area and I sanitise my hands before we start playing. There are times in the session when we will play with contact but if we’re not then the coaches will make sure we are keeping a social distance all the time.






Vocab 0:00〜0:43

what it’s like

/wɒt ɪts laɪk/


Tell me what it was like!

safety measure

/ˈseɪfti ˈmeʒəz/


Please follow these safety measures.




I’ll call you when I arrive at the stadium.




Don’t park your bicycle here.

get taken to A

/ɡet ˈteɪkən tə/


The boy got taken to the meeting room by the scout.




Put your hands on your shoulders!

coned area

/kəʊnd ˈeəriə/


Can you see the coned area over there?




You need to sanitise your hands before eating lunch.



活動, メニュー

Every training session is designed for kids.




There was a contact between two players.

social distance

/ˈsəʊʃl ˈdɪstəns/

ソーシャルディスタンス, 社会的距離

Try to keep a social distance when you talk with friends.

all the time

/ɔːl ðə taɪm/

常に, ずっと

Look around! All the time!


\ メールアドレス登録だけで今すぐスタート /




1. ここにあなたの自転車を止めては行けません。
Don’t (     ) your bicycle here.


2. 周りを見るんだ!常にだぞ!
Look around! (     )!


3. これらの安全対策にしたがってください。
Please follow these (     ).


4. それがどんな感じだったか教えて!
Tell me (     )!


5. あなたは昼食を食べる前に手を消毒する必要があります。
You need to (     ) your hands before eating lunch.

6. 選手2人の間には接触があった。
There was a (     ) between two players.


7. 手を肩の上において!
(     ) your hands on your shoulders!


8. 向こうのコーンで仕切られた場所が見えますか?
Can you see the (     ) over there?


9. その少年はスカウトによってミーティングルームに連れていかれた。
The boy (     ) the meeting room by the scout.


10. 友達と話すときは社会的距離を保つようにしなさい。
Try to keep a (     ) when you talk with friends.


11. スタジアムについたら電話するよ。
I’ll call you when I (     ) at the stadium.


12. すべてのトレーニング活動は子供たちのために設計されています。
Every training (     ) is designed for kids.







1. park


2. All the time


3. safety measures


4. what it was like


5. sanitise


6. contact


7. Put


8. coned area


9. got taken to


10. social distance


11. arrive


12. session






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